MBA stuff Re: Article: Google Names Chief Executive

James Hong
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 17:50:49 -0700

> > Anyway, I find it hard to take anyone too seriously who bases their
> > of someone's work ability entirely on where they went to school.
> >
> >  -Mike
> Why?  If I know that a particular school will put one through boot camp
> of work during one's time there vs. a school that coddles students, why is
> so inappropriate to take that knowledge into consideration when deciding
> between two candidates?

He said ENTIRELY..

> Put it this way, if you had a choice of a school with better
> professors, where you'd learn more but it had 0 recognition vs. top tier
> that would offer less of an education, which would you pick?

I got into B-schools with much higher recognition than Haas that I thought
didn't offer the type of curriculum and environment I wanted.. so I turned
them down. Don't regret it one bit, but that's easy to say since who knows
where i'd be had i taken the other road. Probably not doing HOTorNOT.. well