REST, RPC, mountains, molehills, and a retraction (sort of)

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 23:44:03 -0700

Of course, as URIs are opaque who knows what getStockPrice means other
than being part of an identifier - who knows (and cares) about how the
service is implemented ;)


>>   GET  http://localhost/StockTicker/getStockPrice?strSymbol=3DMSFT
>>The REST position is, essentially, that this an RPC, breaks the Web
>>causes all sorts of nastiness, and is very RESTless.  The basic
>>is that the method --- getStockPrice --- doesn't represent a resource;

>>it's not clear what what it means to GET, PUT, and POST to something=20
>>called "getStockPrice".  However, a simple change of nomenclature from

>>"getStockPrice" to "CurrentStockPrice" suffices! I.e., the first=20
>>example below is entirely valid from a REST design perspective, and
>>second even better:
>>   GET  =
>>   GET  http://localhost/StockTicker/MSFT/CurrentStockPrice