[Le Fou] Adverts We Didn't See

Rodent of Unusual Size Ken.Coar@Golux.Com
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 09:13:59 -0400

[resent due to nasty, nasty FoRK downtime.]

"Snacks for the Modern Age! Try *New* FIG NEUTRONS! A cookie is a
cookie, but FIG NEUTRONS are subatomic particles!

"Here's what people are saying about *New* FIG NEUTRONS!:

"'They're just yummy.  I love the way their strong nuclear force
helps my dentures stay in place!' --Name withheld by request

"'My doctor actually prescribed them to help my neutroporosis.
And they work!  I've been decaying more slowly, and my isotope
levels are returning to normal.  I love the taste, too!'
  -- Chris Golatio

"'The first time I had a FIG NEUTRON was at a faculty party.
I've become quite addicted to them; twice in the last semester
I hung a "Gone Fission" sign on my office door and went home to
gorge on fruity goodness!'  --Name withheld by request"
#ken    P-)}

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