Ember receives $3 million seed round

Jeff Bone jbone@jump.net
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 19:33:19 -0500

Mike Dierken wrote:

> h
> tp://news.cnet.com/news/0-1007-200-6795372.html?tag=pt.msn.cdf.hl.ne_6795372
> Ember, which has attracted 3Com founder Bob Metcalfe as a board
> member and investor, said it has received a $3 million seed round.
> Polaris Venture Partners led the round, which also included
> investments from DFJ New England and Stata Venture Partners.
> Cambridge, Mass.-based Ember is developing hardware and software to
> create the technology to operate a wireless network for devices.
> Robert Poor, Ember founder and chief technology officer, said
> networking micro-controllers are built into everyday devices from
> TV remotes to appliances, but the ability to network these devices
> is absent. He added that Ember is working on developing a wireless
> device networking standard that can be used by device
> manufacturers, which will test the technology in the next six
> months. Ember launched its business with patented MIT Media
> Laboratory technology.

I'm assuming the work they're referring to is Poor's efforts on
"Hyphos".  Mobile mesh routing topologies, yum.  Poor's also known
for being one of the first people to quantify the Moore's Law-like
effect going on in spatial network address density.  ("Poor's Law."
Yuk yuk yuk.  I guess you gotta have a law named after you to work at

Anyway, this one should be good stuff, Maynard, the real deal:
forget Bluetooth.

Now, lessee...  if they'd just get that ambient RF power technology
and that printable circuit / antenna technology together with this
stuff, we could have chattering barcodes.  I'd *love* to be able to
have my house inventory itself down.  :-)  Where're my keys?  No