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Subject: IP: The End of Innovation:  An Interview With Lawrence Lessig

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>Subject: The End of Innovation:  An Interview With Lawrence Lessig
>Dave, I thought your readers might like the interview with Lessig on
>openp2p.com (http://www.openp2p.com/pub/a/p2p/2001/08/07/lessig.html):
>It opens:
>"2001 has been a bad year not just for dot-coms but
>also for people interested in preserving the public's right to fair
>use of copyright materials. From the shutdown of Napster and the DeCSS
>case to the prosecution of Dmitry Sklyarov, federal prosecutors and
>U.S. courts have acted in support of copyright interests and against
>the public's ability to use technology to secure fair-use rights.
>OpenP2P.com editor Richard Koman talks about these turns of events
>with Lawrence Lessig."
>Here are a couple of the juiciest quotes from the interview:
>"Imagine a court saying, 'Xerox Corporation has to stop producing
>copiers until it can guarantee -- 100 percent guarantee -- that nobody
>will violate anybody's copyright law using a Xerox machine.' ...It's
>that kind of extreme attitude that I think is most harmful to the
>opportunity for innovation here."
>"Employees at Smith & Wesson don't have to fear that the FBI is going to
>swoop down and arrest them because their products led to somebody being
>killed, yet employees of software companies need to fear that some FBI
>is going to swoop down and arrest them because it's possible that
>used their code to steal the latest John Grisham novel."
>Incidentally, this whole issue is the subject of Lessig's next book,
>which should be out soon.  I've read the pre-pub draft, and it's as
>thought-provoking as Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace.  (And if you
>haven't read that one, it's also highly recommended.)  Larry will also
>be keynoting at the O'Reilly P2P and Web Services Conference in
>Washington D.C. Sept 18-21.
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