Nondiscriminating charities

John Hall
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 10:21:21 -0700

> Behalf Of Kragen Sitaker

> Their mission statement begins:

Mission statements express intent, which isn't always as important as
actions.  Sometimes long term groups change radically over time, though
they don't always update their mission statements.  And everyone is for
justice.  The killing fields of Cambodia resulted from a definition of
justice that the AFSC would oppose (as would I and I trust everyone on
this list).  They might even think it called for some decidedly
non-Quaker efforts to oppose.  After the fact, of course.  Before the
fact they opposed efforts to oppose such movements.

> My limited experience with the AFSC and the Religious Society 
> of Friends bears these statements out as far as it goes.
> Why do you not think the current organization has much in 
> common with the Quakers at all?

Your experience exceeds mine.  My knowledge is limited to the following
article, and particularly to the local chapter: