Bye gang, it's been real!

Strata Rose Chalup
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 19:07:35 -0700

I'm going to be offline completely for two weeks (Aug 18 - 31), so
this is as good a time as any to unsubscribe from FoRK.  The volume
and the noise to signal ratio thereof has reached a point where I
can't spare the time to find the kernels in the chaff, so I must
bid y'all adieu.  I'll try to keep up now and then via the online

I'd love to see more of you folks in person, so please do ping me
about local ForkCons.


PS- What could pry me off the computer for two whole weeks?  Good
question, that.  For many years I've been meaning to take the 100
hour intensive up at Harbin Hotsprings School of Shiatsu and Massage,
and I'm finally going to do it.  I'm not changing professions, 
especially since you generally need 500 hours of training, not 100,
to practice in most towns, but it will be a good change of pace.
It's great taking a sabbatical.  :-)

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