Comparing the "Economics" of REST and RPC

Kragen Sitaker
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:34:28 -0400 (EDT)

Roy Fielding writes:
> > XML introduces hundreds of
> > hidden dependencies within an integrated system that can be seen when
> > you do performance profiles and protocol traces.  That can be managed
> > within an application context, but not within a transfer context.
> I've done so [explained] a dozen times already on the fork list.  Look
> at the archive if you want a rehash of past history.  I can't type fast
> enough to keep up with the BS being spread about Web Services, so I'd
> rather spend the time working on my alternative.

I'd really like to read the past history, but I missed it as it went by
--- FoRK has had such a high noise level over the last few months that
I've pretty much ignored everything.  Could you provide URLs for one or
two of the messages that do a good job of explaining how XML introduces
these hundreds of hidden dependencies?  I've seen your arguments about
how HTTP provides more application-level semantics than XML, how SOAP
uses HTTP as merely a framing protocol, and how parsing XML is less
efficient than parsing HTTP, but I don't really understand about the
hundreds of hidden dependencies.

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