I want a Wi-Fi to stereo out adapter

Dan Kohn dan@dankohn.com
Sat, 18 Aug 2001 22:41:25 -0700

Here's a simple enough product I would like to buy, that doesn't
currently seem to exist.  I want a network sound receiver (NSR) that I
can hook up to the stereo systems in my living room, bedroom, and
office.  I would use then use the NSRs to play MP3s from my laptop
without having to hook up cables.  The NSR would consist of a standard
1/8" male stereo jack or RCA male stereo jacks (i.e., stereo out) and an
802.11b Wi-Fi adapter (for sound in, using UDP/IP).

With the NSR, I'd like bundled a piece of Windows software that allows
me to direct my sound output to any of NSR on the network.  You'd want
to do password protection for security (especially if you're going to
potentially enable access from any Internet-connected sound source), but
the NSR could be quite simple.

Note that Bluetooth originally planned to offer this, but Bluetooth has
now been declared dead.

There are several offerings in this space using HomePNA, proprietary 2.4
GHz signaling, and USB, but nothing Wi-Fi based yet.

		- dan
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