Usability and Software Fitness

Jeff Bone
Sun, 19 Aug 2001 22:18:39 -0500

Clay Shirky wrote:

> > That was Be's biggest problem: they weren't relevant.  They didn't
> > mean enough to enough people, they didn't solve a problem that our
> > industry recognized that it had.
> The failure of Be is one of those events, like the successes of MSFT,
> or Yahoo, that was so overdetermined that I think it resists being
> used for simple points like this.

I agree completely;  but bear in mind that the original audience, this
misguided buddy of mine, believed for years that the technical excellence
of BeOS was enough to overcome all odds --- indeed he was positively and
annoyingly evangelical about it --- and thinks the failure of Be is a
tragedy of mammoth proportions.