Usability and Software Fitness

Jeff Bone
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:36:08 -0500

Mike Dierken wrote:

> You just now figured this out?

I think the novelty was in explicitly stating that non-technical /
strategic business factors (ensuring survivability, ensuring
relevance, etc.) are just as much *literally* a part of "usability"
as the more traditional definition -wrt- ergonomics and aesthetics.
I've read a lot of stuff on software usability over the last dozen
years or so, and bar-none it's all been primarily about UI, usability
testing methodologies, and so on...  some have offered some mystical
hand-waving rather than concrete advice about requirements gathering
/ analysis / product marketing, therefore treading lightly into
relevance.  Usability in software is a reflection of the efforts of
the whole company, not something purely in the engineering / product
marketing domain.

Or, maybe I just have a thing for the obvious.