I want a Wi-Fi to stereo out adapter

Michael Sippey michael@theobvious.com
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 14:08:32 -0700

> The NSR might have enough capability that it should really
> become a remote MP3 cache-and-player. Hell, why not make it
> a full windows PC, running a slaved WinAmp -- you get the UI
> you want, the MP3s get shuffled around behind the scenes
> automagically.
> That is, what you *really* want might be:
>   - a brick PC with...
>     - nice audio and video chips/outputs
>     - 256MB+ RAM
>     - no hard drive, CDrom, or disk drive
>     - 802.11b, capable of operating as access point, client,
>       or ad-hoc

i'll add something to the wish list...  instead of video out provide
remote control of the player queue, eq and volume via a handspring / palm
using 802.11b or even IR (blech).  something like the project at
giantdisc.com, but control over wi-fi.