I want a Wi-Fi to stereo out adapter

Kieron Lawson kieron@marketingguide.com
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 10:31:34 +1200

>> i'll add something to the wish list...  instead of video out provide
>> remote control of the player queue, eq and volume via a handspring / palm
>> using 802.11b or even IR (blech).  something like the project at
>> giantdisc.com, but control over wi-fi.
>> -michael

> Actually, what I had in mind with the video-out was playback of
> movies/shows to a nearby TV, moreso than displaying a local
> control interface. 

> Anyone care to venture a guess as to when the first 802.11b 
> keyboards and mice appear, and the price-points/battery-life? 

I'd keep the CD-ROM in there, probably make it a DVD.  That way,
you've got direct drop-in one button play of your rental DVDs, and if
it's smart enough, automatic play-rip-encode-store-catalog of any CDs you
drop in too.

And the form factor should be hi-fi form factor, not PC, brick, or
any of the other inconvenient, non-stacking form factors that PC and
most appliance manufacturers want to produce today.  Nothing bugs me
more that the fact that the PSOne has a pop-up CD lid, effectively
making a two to three inch high device require about 10 inches of
vertical space.

Why not make it modular too so that you could drop a 40Gb HDD, some
TV capture hardware, and give yourself a TIVO type box....Call it a
network media receiver (NMR) or node or server or whatever....

The Palm/Handspring interface is an excellent idea, but a potentially
expensive one.  Don't gameboys do irDA?...

Kieron Lawson