I want a Wi-Fi to stereo out adapter

Gordon Mohr gojomo@usa.net
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 16:05:33 -0700

Kieron Lawson writes:
> I'd keep the CD-ROM in there, probably make it a DVD.  That way,
> you've got direct drop-in one button play of your rental DVDs, and if
> it's smart enough, automatic play-rip-encode-store-catalog of any CDs you
> drop in too.
> And the form factor should be hi-fi form factor, not PC, brick, or
> any of the other inconvenient, non-stacking form factors that PC and
> most appliance manufacturers want to produce today.  Nothing bugs me
> more that the fact that the PSOne has a pop-up CD lid, effectively
> making a two to three inch high device require about 10 inches of
> vertical space.
> Why not make it modular too so that you could drop a 40Gb HDD, some
> TV capture hardware, and give yourself a TIVO type box....Call it a
> network media receiver (NMR) or node or server or whatever....

You're describing a nice device -- but now it's grown into a 
standalone media appliance, or something similar to the "Nokia
Media Terminal". 

Even though I may have started this feature-creep by dropping a 
whole Windows PC into the brick, I was trying, in a fashion, to 
stay minimal. Its only inputs were electricity and 802.11b 
wireless; its only outputs, A/V connectors and 802.11b wireless.

As such, I envisioned a brick you could plug-into speakers/TV 
and then hide out of the way -- the complications of formfactors 
and USB and CD/DVDs and IR and tuners and HDDs, begone! 

Of course, maybe that's just a temporary solution until 
TVs and stereo receivers have 802.11b antennae built-in,
which they use to constantly query the local environment
for offered audio/video streams. Then, via their usual
interfaces, these alternate sources can be chosen just
like AM/FM/channel-xx/video-1/etc.

- Gordon