I want a Wi-Fi to stereo out adapter

James Hong jhong@xmethods.net
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 18:07:41 -0700

Yea, I've thought about doing this for a while. One day connectivity will be
a utility people will expect for free everywhere they go... even restaurants
will have to provide, in the same way they provide bathrooms today. And at
that point, hopefully these establishments all have really high speed fiber
feeding those 802.11 hubs, so that you could use this handset virtually
anywhere with awesome QoS. And since my phone only has to transmit to a base
station 50 feet away, the battery life would probably be incredible too.

Until the connectivity becomes free and ubiquitous, though, it ain't gonna
happen.  Don't hold your breath.

You still have to pay for the interconnect too, unless you make it so these
things can only call each other..


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> My only other suggestion: while
> you're selling them that, sell them on the idea of an 802.11 phone
> handset as the next product. (There are, strangely, a few of these
> around, but they're just for proprietary
> voice-over-your-company-ethernet ventures. Make it an open h.323 kinda
> guy, and I bet something interesting happens).
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