linux kits for kids? (MS licensing zaps AU charity)

Stephen D. Williams
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 09:16:24 -0400

I was thinking the same thing.  I have a contact in the Alexandria
school systems that were using Linux on cheap diskless nodes, etc., for
their kids.

This could be a first project for Tech Scouts also.

The first thing to do is find the contact information for the charities
involved and start working out the logistics.  If we can find a donor to
get this off the ground, it would run itself.  It would make sense for
the school to pay a little to cover bootstrapping, but that is probably
too much red tape to pull off.

An appropriate press release that directly markets to schools and all
charities, and even those business that have been threatened by the SPA,
could get something running.


Strata Rose Chalup wrote:
> I saw this article on a social list today.  Summary-- Microsoft has
> told an Australian charity, PCs for Kids, that they can no longer
> distribute refurb'd PC's given to them by companies who have site
> license for MS products and/or OS's.  The charity has to buy licenses
> like everybody else, despite the fact that "in all cases the software
> in dispute is becoming obsolete and is no longer supported by
> Microsoft".
> Aren't there several projects out there, and perhaps at least one
> actually WORKING one, to do an education/kid-oriented desktop and
> toolset in Linux, usable by generic laypersons?
> It would be a mitzvah, as well as a lovely piece of PR, to hook
> this charity up with some helpers and some working software so
> that they can get kids computing without the Big M.
> Reply to me, I'll summarize if I get useful responses.
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