Usability and Software Fitness

Tue, 21 Aug 2001 14:30:29 -0400 (EDT)

--]> I disagree, on both points. (1) Business concerns
--]> dominate. Good business and mediocre -- or even poor
--]> engineering -- almost always wins, where bad business
--]> dooms a product to failure...

I have often heard that the Business of business is business, and thats
where I think your going with your take on this, but I was talking about
usefull systemes.

Ya see thats where we probably deiverge on this topic, I still think that
there is a worth of a thing outside a "business" scope. There are many
examples of this.

For instance, one such is a application called Cyberboard [1], a tool that
allows old skewl war gamers to play the old cardboad chit and map games
over the net. 

The creator of the app is part of the apps community [2]  such 
that the users can feed back refining points into the dvelopement
process. Also, users of the app create the online gameboxes [3] for the
classics to be used with the cyberboard engine in such numbers and with
such craft that the worth is further hightened.

Its not a biz in the sharelholder/makemoney/lineourpockets sort of way.
The goal of the apps and its creator is to be able to play these games
without localised opponenets. The worth of it comes from its USE and its
USERS (or "particpants" or "experience cohabitators" or what ever fuzzy
warm term folks want to use these days)

The fatal conceit of the bizbiz is that everyone plays by the same rules
and values. Sorry Charlie...taint the case. Theres more than one game
being played and if your not happy with the one your in, theres always
room at some of the other boards.