Usability and Software Fitness

Gary Lawrence Murphy
21 Aug 2001 15:03:37 -0400

>>>>> "t" == tomwhore  <Tom> writes:

    t> Its not a biz in the sharelholder/makemoney/lineourpockets sort
    t> of way.  The goal of the apps and its creator is to be able to
    t> play these games without localised opponenets. The worth of it
    t> comes from its USE and its USERS

Actually, since this app must run over ISP-leased lines, the worth of
it may come only from its use by its _owner_; having other
participants is part of that worth, but unless the other people are
sending in cheques to help pay the costs of the server and the lines,
the application is being paid for by its owner, and unless they have
other income, ie, they have a larger business model, it's headed for a

Looking at the list of companies who are making money at this software
game (, there is a
preponderance of people who justify software costs by the benefits of
its use, rather than trying to recoup the costs by direct subscription
fees from those using the software.  I'd like to pass a law that says
no one is allowed to sell any software that the developers themselves
do not use.  It would ban 80% of what is out there, and most of what
is left would be opensource ;)

It's unfortunate that so many companies think they can make a go out
of subscriber fees; it works for some, but you have to have a tight
reign on some exclusive property before you can enforce it.  Pundit
reports (IDG, Gartner &c) are an example: Corporations will pay
thousands for these reports while us average people will wait for the
free second-hand media summaries.

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