Usability and Software Fitness

Tue, 21 Aug 2001 15:27:15 -0400 (EDT)

On 21 Aug 2001, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

--]>>>>> "t" == tomwhore  <Tom> writes:
--]    t> Its not a biz in the sharelholder/makemoney/lineourpockets sort
--]    t> of way.  The goal of the apps and its creator is to be able to
--]    t> play these games without localised opponenets. The worth of it
--]    t> comes from its USE and its USERS
--]Actually, since this app must run over ISP-leased lines, the worth of
--]it may come only from its use by its _owner_; having other
--]participants is part of that worth, but unless the other people are
--]sending in cheques to help pay the costs of the server and the lines,
--]the application is being paid for by its owner, and unless they have
--]other income, ie, they have a larger business model, it's headed for a

Bzt, Im sorry but you are dead wrong on this point. Cyberboard does not
run a GameServer for the playability of Cyberboard games, It actualy use
EMAIL as a transport mechanism. There are talks of using TCP or Directplay
for players to play each other directly, but there is NO central sever
game serever that CB is running or needing to charge for. 

So there goes your arguemtn in flames. The only cost to the creator of CB
is in creating the app, and he seems to be one of them "weirdos" who likes
to make cool things and "let" others use it without charging a pound of
flesh and the users pass files around using Email, or other trasport
methods already in use if they have the inkling.

(im actualy trying to talk Dale, the creator, into either adding a tcp
based p2p thing for players to swap the game files or just plain to have
the users utulize old skewl trans like irc of the sort for nearer real
tiem play than Email cna offer. But the Play By Email (PBEM) corwd is vast
and they seem to like playing with the email delays. Takes all types)

--]It's unfortunate that so many companies think they can make a go out
--]of subscriber fees; it works for some, but you have to have a tight
--]reign on some exclusive property before you can enforce it. they got it right. I have several freinds who are
addicted and the ways they charge for things and how they keep stringing
the users base along with new features is amazing. 

So to sum up,

"U don't have 2 be rich 2 be my girl
 U don't have 2 be cool 2 rule my world"