Usability and Software Fitness

Tue, 21 Aug 2001 16:13:28 -0400 (EDT)

On 21 Aug 2001, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

--]>>>>> "t" == tomwhore  <Tom> writes:

--]So what you're saying is this particular software is a hobby, that it
--]has zilch to do with how he makes his living?  That's fine, but it
--]doesn't help people trying to deploy costly systems and hoping to make
--]their living off it.

Yea, it does. It shows folks seeking to deploy coastly systems that there
are alternative ways to think about the proble. Cyberboard has opened a
world of possibilities to the war game playing world where once there was
just one or two commerical ways to approach the problem of playing the
games via the net.

That Dal LArson, the creator of CB, chooses not give this app away freely
does not diminish its worth, the value it adds tot he needs of the people
using it and further the experience Dale has gotten out of it that
translates into other projects he works on.

Like i said it not the obvious child of Forbes born ideology bt it speaks
volumes to the valuation of an aplpications worth. 

--]By the sounds of it, the only business model this game app serves is
--]that of their ISP: Every time he sends out another email packet, they
--]make a little bit more money facilitating the transport.

Wrong again and also missing the point again. The "biz" model is to
factilitate playing games. Everytime some one plays a game via Cyberboard 
they would not otherwise be able to play there is an increase in the
richness of all the players experiences as well as those in spectator

The fraction of a cent that is generated by the emial transport is a side
effeect of the process, not the desired goal there in. 

You could well take your argument and say the only "worth" of FORK is to
ISP for making bootylooty on our emailing each other. This fails entirely
to addres the worth of the message itself.

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