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Jim Whitehead ejw@cse.ucsc.edu
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 10:46:59 -0700

Sung Kim will be starting his graduate studies in Computer Science at UCSC
in the fall. In his previous work in Korea, he developed a significant
Web-based email system that is used by over 100k people, so he's no stranger
to Internet-scale development.  DAVfs is his "summer project", something he
decided to do on his own initiative (I guess to keep from being bored). I'm
pretty amazed at how far he's taken it in just a few months. It's a nice
Open Source success story -- started just a few months ago, the project now
has 9 members.

Unfortunately, the research value of the project seems fairly low: yet
another file system driver for yet another application layer network
protocol.  I'm sure we can find some interesting tidbits, though.

- Jim

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> This looks quite cool:
> 	http://freshmeat.net/releases/55783/
> DAVfs Linux file system driver 0.1.3
> by Sung Kim - Tuesday, August 21st 2001 18:09 EDT
> About: DAVfs Linux file system driver is a Linux file
> system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server
> as a disk drive. WebDAV is an extension to HTTP/1.1
> that allows remote collaborative authoring of Web
> resources, defined in RFC 2518. DAVfs allows a remote
> Web server to be edited using standard applications
> that interact with the file system. For example, a
> remote Web site could be updated in-place, using the
> same development tools that initially created the site.
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