DAV File System...

Jim Whitehead ejw@cse.ucsc.edu
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 11:13:21 -0700

> Unfortunately, the research value of the project seems fairly low: yet
> another file system driver for yet another application layer network
> protocol.  I'm sure we can find some interesting tidbits, though.

Offline, Steve Dossick reminded me about the FiST (File System Translator)
project by Erez Zadok <http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~ezk/>:


The FiST (File System Translator) system {provides}: a set of stackable file
system templates for each operating system, and a high-level language that
can describe stackable file systems in a cross-platform portable fashion.

So, one natural extension of the DAVfs work is to see if it can be developed
using FiST.

- Jim