Advice for REST advocates

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 13:43:18 -0700

Lest it be forgotten, SOAP is a wire protocol with extensibility built
in at the core. There are no assumptions about the programming model or
platform used by anybody and you can define applications that are as
loosely or as tightly coupled as you like. In short - SOAP doesn't care

Whether it makes sense or not, I think it would be pretty straight
forward to express  HTTP or DAV in SOAP while maintaining the exact same
application characteristics if one so desired.=20

Btw, why not have a SOAP GET?


>In terms of adoption, the REST vs RPC effects seem to be=20
>swamped by the fact that both are human-readable protocols,=20
>and both leverage the HTTP stack, albeit in different ways.