[decentralization] Re: REST and POST

Mark Baker distobj@acm.org
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 17:42:47 -0400 (EDT)

> [Suggest we send all followups to FoRK and let [decent] go.  Crossposting
> dilutes s/n.]

> > > If it's not doable, and I need STDIN, I will just send idempotent calls via
> > > POST.  Which is exactly what the overwhelming majority of developers do.
> >
> > So what was wrong with my suggestion for how to use both GET and POST
> > to get you this kind of functionality?
> Because the call is idempotent, and you want the world to know that, but you
> still have to use POST (even though in the context of a POST/GET combo).

In retrieving the results of the query, you never use POST, only GET,
so the world *will* know that, and your query results *will* be cached.
That's your objective here, no?

You also get to bookmark the query results with this approach.  If the query
consumes enough resources that it has to be expired by the server, then the
results resource could return a representation of itself that allows for the
query to be re-submitted, providing a meaningful form of persistence - the
server need only cache the query document.