the wrong sarong, network effects

Dave Long
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 19:26:34 -0700

> I'd do it in the workplace too, but people expect nice wool slacks on a 
> sales guy.

It seems that trouser-wearing for men
was a fashion response to military[0]
successes of central asian hordes[1].
The success of the /sans-culottes/ and
the nearly universal paving of urban
areas both indicate that "good riding
habit" is not a modern determinant of
fashion, yet we continue with trouser
wearing[2].  Fixation via an entirely
cultural selection?


[0] those who regularly wear
camouflage BDUs must be very
good examples of the trend.

[1] an early group, the Scythians,
were longhaired dope smokers who
had a penchant for bright colors
and (shock the toga-clad!) woolen

Nomads such as these were entirely
dependent upon their stock, and so
needed to increase their capital
through investment in fresh fields.
This expansionary attitude didn't
endear them to the (often freshly
marginalized) neighbors.

If it weren't for a batch of Turks
with mounted archers, Byzantine
academics might not have felt the
need to flee to Italy, kicking off
our Renaissance.

[2] Often restaurant waitstaff
tend to follow a dress code in
which they mimic the patrons --
only with a lag of a generation
or two.

In another few decades, will we
see sarongs on the male diners,
and jeans on the waiters?