IBM Invests $4 Billion to Build, make clean

Steve Nordquist
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 22:55:05 -0700

> > You mean the "those who refuse to learn from history..." dept.
except for not offering free Josta, yeah, so?
> > > IBM Invests $4 Billion to Build World-Wide Computing Utility
> > > "You'll get computing power and storage capacity -- not from your own
> > > computer -- but over the Internet on demand," said Mr. Wladawsky-Berger

Her nerves, 50,000 CPUs is like, 40 times the volume it takes to get 
a nice price on a new chip! 250kW loaded, if they were Crusoes.
You'll turn them all on with only cache RAM
first, just to figure out which DRAM auction to attend.

Lots of people will sign up though, just so they can toss fantastic
image-laden replies back from their Palm V.  $14 per business plan,
$18 per open source business plan.  PMS color proofing from afar.
Cleverly written ASM programs or dish assembly instructions for
delivering graffitos and ultimatum(....)

Oh, and since when is $3B too much for a good Unreal 
Tournament server?
okay, current value....
yeah, that's a lot.

> In technology markets, the "unviable" ideas from just a few years
> ago can become the giant hits, due to a changing overall environment.
> Years of failure in hypertext didn't make the web a dumb idea.

...and with enough AI or servlets and services, any affair can be
100 times as complicated for the merest cash margin.  Want to know
about any won without typing 'who' ?  AmIHotOrNot DNA screening?
Perhaps spec. a fireproof, noise-free windscreen that captures
wind power, out of very fine cloth?  Work out how to make a good
syrah of industrual hemp?

A_B.F> > You really think a company big enough to need 50,000 
         CPUs doesnt already HAVE them in house, oh please.

KnowNow has HOW many?  They must make dresses with more pockets in

> > Speaking of utilities, has anyone heard any more about how Enron is trying
> > to corner the fresh water market like they did with electricty? "That will
> > be $57 for the bath sir." Last I heard they were facing resistance from
> > local governments since people still remember what they did to California...
> > for now...
'My name is Inigo Severssen Montoya.  I will never forgive what you did
to Saskatchewan.  Prepare to die.'

> California did everything to itself
Now, there's much more to be done....  Done less Keynesian, maybe.
Maybe a $2B hunk of CPU is a big enough hunk of real estate for
to collaborate on that kind of thing....