REST Questions

Jeff Bone
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 14:28:55 -0500

Paul Prescod wrote:

> If you have a concept that cannot be handled directly by HTTP like
> "launchSelfDestructSequence" is it REST-ish to a) define an HTTP
> extension header, b) put the "method" in the body (e.g. XML-RPC
> methodName) c) define a new protocol from scratch.

d) Rethink how you're modeling your problem domain.  There's an abstraction
out there in Platonic FormLand ;-) for which the semantics of PUT or POST
make sense for accomplishing the desired action.  At least, that would seem
to be the dogmatic answer.

I've been noodling around with this for a few days now, and am coming to
believe that there's a "resource modeling" paradigm that's analogous to OO
modeling but more suitable for building loosely-coupled systems
in-the-large.  Kind of a "data flow programming meets type theory" kind of