REST Questions

Mark Baker
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 16:17:16 -0400 (EDT)

> but in an SMTP system, who is sending me back a 200? no one. its the
> message in a bottle protocol.  wiht http, sender and recipient have to
> be online at the same time,

No no, we're disconnected.  "" isn't me, it's
my mailbox which can be the resource here.  That's where you send
your messages.

> and sub the sender's timeout threshold, for
> a 200 to come back. when i send you mail, those things don't have to
> be true.

The 200 doesn't come from the recipient, it comes from the mailbox
saying "thanks, got it, I'll take it from here".

There's actually many possibilities for how this can be structured.
KnowNow would be a good infrastructure from which to build this
out if you wanted to store-and-forward to the eventual user
themselves through various mailboxes.

If, for example, my mailbox knew I was online (had a persistent
connection to my browser via a Javascript microserver), it could
send it directly to me.  But the 200 still goes to the sender
before this happens.  Constructing this chain with proxies
rather than gateway apps (which the mailbox app would be)
would be problematic, as you suggest, due to the unbounded
latency in my responding to it.