REST Questions

Mark Baker
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 10:53:24 -0400 (EDT)


> > The 200 doesn't come from the recipient, it comes from the mailbox
> > saying "thanks, got it, I'll take it from here".
> > 
> > There's actually many possibilities for how this can be structured.
> [...]
> See, this is where I get off the REST bus.

I should have introduced a disclaimer.  AFAIK, this position of
mine wrt replacing other application protocols isn't a general
position of REST proponents.

> I say "Can you do REST over
> SMTP?", knowing that there is a big move in the Web Services world to
> use both SMTP and Jabber as transport mechanisms and wondering if that
> is incompatible with RESTfulness, and you say "Yes, sure you can", by
> which you mean "No, absolutely not, what you need to do instead is
> replace SMTP with HTTP."

I didn't mean it to be exclusive of other possibilities.  I also
obviously misunderstood your question.

> The installed base of SMTP is so vast its never going away, so the
> real answer here is "REST can only be done over HTTP, the One True
> Protocol".

Never is a long time.