REST: everything old is new again?

Jeff Bone
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 15:10:01 -0500

Dave Winer wrote:

> Right on Jeff. The REST argument is a rehash of OOP.

Thanks, Dave.  I think that considering the discussion we're all having right
now in the context of the various discussions about "reuse" that have taken
place over the last couple of decades is pretty enlightening.  Unf., I obviously
didn't do a good job with the point I was trying to make, as you seem to have
the sense of my argument backwards...

I'm not trying to say REST is like OOP.  If anything, I'm trying to say the
"specific interfaces over HTTP RPC" (SOAP in that fashion, XML-RPC, etc) more
resembles the OOP perspective on reuse, while REST is more like the "software
tools" approach to reuse.  Admittedly, I may be committing a faux pas by lumping
purely procedural uses of RPC in with the "export the object model" view of
things inherent in, say, .NET and other more OO uses of RPC.  (BTW, again I'm
using the term "RPC" to denote the general concept, while reserving XML-RPC and
SOAP-RPC for literal use.)

If I've got some additional bandwidth later thisevening, I may try to recap some
of the history of the "reuse" meme in our industry...  that might at least give
us a base to build on, esp. for some of the other folks listening in who weren't
around during some of those earlier "paradigm shifts" ;-) or whatever you want
to call them...