REST: everything old is new again?

Paul Prescod
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 13:14:45 -0700

Dave Winer wrote:
> Right on Jeff. The REST argument is a rehash of OOP. We had a three-year
> discussion about this in the Mac scripting market. Apple wanted what's
> called REST now. 

I'm very curious about this because I know little about Macs. How did
the model Apple promoted look like REST? Did it have URLs as a central
concept? Were the verbs restricted to GET/PUT/POST? 

Anyhow, whether or not this model succeeded or failed in a system
designed for single computers doesn't seem really relevant to the
question of how to build shared, distributed information systems. My
attraction to REST comes from the idea that everything worth knowing on
the Internet should have a URL. The results of RPC method calls don't
have a URL. So RPC doesn't seem an appropriate way to publish
information. For other stuff RPC may be best but all of the examples are
about sharing information (getStockQuote, getStateName, etc.).
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