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Sat, 25 Aug 2001 17:27:28 -0700

Don't forget the added disbenefit that most IM's now provide a level
of advertising spam and nusiance that either a) didn't exist in the
MUD/BBS space, or b) If it did exist it was controllable (IRC).  I
don't know how many times my various IM's have been flooded with 'Hot
Teen SEXX!!!! See these sluts as they really are !!!! XXXXXX' or
variations on a very tired theme.

At least with me, social situations no longer exist the moment a new
face begins with 'A/S/L'..


Hello Adam,

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ALB> So I was chatting with my roomie today about how my "buddy lists" on the
ALB> many systems I frequent have shrunk over the years, as systems have changed
ALB> and dumbed down.

ALB> And I ponder the following...

ALB> IM systems are inherantly less of a social system then the old BBS/MUDD/IRC.

ALB> By social I mean putting people in the same "space" that wouldn't be
ALB> otherwise.

ALB> The old:
ALB> --------
ALB> The "archaic" systems, where you were basicly in a big chat room with
ALB> everyone on the system, when you looked at your "buddy list" it was everyone
ALB> on the system. Some systems supported a friends list where you could put
ALB> maybe 10 of your best friends on a list to be highlighted, but you still got
ALB> the whole list. If someone misbehaived, the admin punished or booted them
ALB> off, so the system stayed friendly.

ALB> vs.

ALB> The New:
ALB> --------
ALB> Here is how I see people using IM - they add their friends and family and
ALB> classmates to their buddy lists, and talk to them online. The search
ALB> features basicly allow people to seek out people just like themselves. The
ALB> only social thing is the chat room, where females are quickly driven off by
ALB> straight men, and straight men are quickly driven off by the gay men - it's
ALB> damn hostile within milliseconds. There is no "punishment"  mechanism (or
ALB> admin). Since social situations are nonlinear, it's preaty much guaranteed
ALB> to remain this way, anyone decent being driven off in a hurry.

ALB> So basicly the new has enhanced the ability to talk to people I already
ALB> know, and completely destroyed any social mechanisms. Has anyone else
ALB> noticed this?

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