Where to stay the next time you're in town

Wayne E Baisley wbaisley@enspherics.com
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 23:56:04 -0500

Luxury, history, location.  It runs from $225 to $365/night.  Looks like
a nice place for an anniversary in the big city.  We might just have to
check it out next time around.


The Wheeler Mansion was constructed in 1870 one year before the Great
Chicago Fire.  The house was built by Calvin T. Wheeler, a banker and
early president of the Chicago Board of Trade, however he only lived in
the house until 1874. He sold the house to Joseph Kohn, a successful
clothing wholesaler, who occupied the house until 1908.  During the
1910's and 1920's businesses began to purchase the houses in the area
and either tear them down or remodel them for commercial use.  In 1922
Wartenburg Publishing purchased the Wheeler Mansion and in 1944 Murphy
Butter and Egg became the owner.  The area has come full circle with the
recent construction of upscale homes and the conversion of many
commercial buildings to residential lofts.  For more info you can link
to the Chicago Landmarks site on the Wheeler Mansion, Wheeler/Kohn

The Wheeler Mansion is part of the Prairie Avenue neighborhood now a
local and national landmark known as the Prairie Avenue District.   This
area housed the new elite of Chicago and the Midwest.  Other homeowners
in the area included Pullman (dining cars), Kimball (pianos), Armour
(meat packing), Field (Marshall Fields), Clark (Chicago's oldest house),
Glessner (designed by famous architect H.H. Richardson).