Paul Prescod
Sun, 26 Aug 2001 18:42:37 -0700

Dave Winer wrote:
> > As you have recently decided to do both GET/XML-style services and
> > XML-RPC services, maybe you could offer your opinion on the appropriate
> > circumstance for each.
> You drew an incorrect conclusion from that post.
> I have been creating systems around static and dynamic GET requests on XML
> for years.

Does that imply you HAVEN'T decided to use GET/URI recently and
therefore cannot express an opinion on when that style is appropriate?

The URL you cite says: " But much of the same content is available in
XML and in snippets of HTML, and thru XML-RPC and soon thru SOAP."

How do you decide when to make information available in GET-accessible
XML, in a custom XML vocabulary, in XML-RPC and SOAP? Do you just always
build all interfaces to all information "just in case"?
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