Idea: Hashcash based HTTP server throttling

Dave Long
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 10:06:58 -0700

> Can anyone think of problems with this approach? Other
> potential applications?

Suppose we had a mailing list with several
hundred subscribers.  Requiring (socially)
any poster to provide proof-of-work in the
form of a commentary/precis/abstract ("new
bits") along with any cut-and-paste ("old
bits") might filter out some of the noise
that results because editing is a cost to
the individual but not editing is (only?)
a cost to the rest of the list.


(If instead we had spelling/punctuation
standards, it would be closer to hashcash,
in that the cycles burnt wouldn't be of
that much use to anyone else.  However,
with the semantic requirement, the work
done by the sender also helps out all of
the readers.)