REST: everything old is new again?

Bill Hofmann
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 13:33:49 -0700

From: Mike Dierken []
> >
> > > What bothered me before and still bothers me is the
> > > that by transforming to REST, all issues of interface
> > > go away.  I don't buy that.  Indeed, knowing how to tell
> > > how to call an RPC call is difficult.  However, doing a GET
> > > POST on a URI is just as difficult: how do I form the URI?
> >
> > You don't, in most cases.  You're provided it.  It's opaque.
> >
> I think this needs a page in the Wiki.
>  - how is it provided?
>  - does the client have to parse lots of markukp?
>  - how do I know what parts of the markup I'm looking for?

Yes, this is my main issue as an implementer, really.  I'm seeing
how the REST style is well suited to stitching together disparate
systems, but unless there's pretty darn well-defined information
about how to do what Mike states above, it's not any easier for
implementers.  And if you're passing around serialized object
representations, you're back at the issue of representation.  Is
it XML?  What flavor?  It's insufficient to ignore this when it
comes to actually getting work done.

Bill Hofmann