Is design reuse is a sign of our failure ?

Russell Turpin
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 22:02:49 +0000

Sateesh Narahari wrote:
>If we don't get bogged down in thinking reuse only applies to code, then 
>reusability is being achieved in OO world thru cataloging of Design 

Well, yeah, that is something. Programmers should be
at least as sensible in their approach to problems
as carpenters, riggers, and surgeons, each learning
from others in their field how similar problems were
solved in the past. If they can reuse designs, then
so can we! (On the other hand, I rarely hear people
in these other professions brag, merely because they
practice design reuse. Hasn't every profession, back
to the mysts of prehistory?)

I must confess that each and every time I reuse a
common design, I feel as if that is a sign of our
profession's failure. Unlike wood, cable, and flesh,
software is subject -- already! -- to complete
manipulation by other software. At the very least,
shouldn't we be able to point to the design we
select, point to where it needs to be applied, and
say "*that* design, *there*," without ever having
to write i++?? Writing code that implements a
design the n-th time is downright tedious, though
it does seem that the language changes every few


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