REST: everything old is new again?

Jeff Bone
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 20:32:59 -0500

There have actually been some interesting REST discussions going on
in a number of places.  I don't think Roy's dissertations, the
RESTwiki, or Clay's evolutionary biology metaphors have anything to
say about that.

I am thinking, however, of putting a page of Winerisms up on the
wiki. ;-)


Dave Winer wrote:

> >>What, you mean there are people who are interested in REST who
> are not friends of Rohit Khare? That's a really good question and
> for a change one that hasn't come up 18 times already. I know,
> let's debate this! Read Roy's dissertation. Read the REST wiki. Ask
> Clay for a metaphor from evolutionary biology. What do they say
> about that? Surely there must be some hint. Dave