Rohit Khare's dissertation

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 07:04:12 -0700

> Larry Masinter wrote:
> > What about "Read Rohit Khare's dissertation"? I mean, once
> > the boy retires, having Made It Big on his KnowNow shares,
> > shouldn't he write the damn thing finally?
> > 

Well if he does retire and phinish in that order, then
I hope he comes back to UCI to do it.    That Adam
guy too (not the movie producer).   This town's just
too boring without them.   Last we left off, we had the
current dissertation as [0].   

> Last summer was an extremely difficult experience, surveying 
> event-notification systems with Adam in Seattle. I practically lived 
> up there trying to force our heads around the problem. Frankly, we 
> failed.
> That's a pretty shocking thing to admit to. With time, it's not as 
> painful: there isn't a "there" there, amidst the 200-odd systems we 
> tried to classify. All the same, my advisor took me aside today to 
> outline a PhD dissertation arc for me that landed squarely back on 
> the target of dynamic application architectures for event-based 
> messaging networks.


Even with a little foom/FUM[1][2] and a dissertation, will he be truly
happy without changing the world?