Rohit Khare's dissertation

Jim Whitehead
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 09:34:36 -0700

> > Larry Masinter wrote:
> > > What about "Read Rohit Khare's dissertation"? I mean, once
> > > the boy retires, having Made It Big on his KnowNow shares,
> > > shouldn't he write the damn thing finally?
> > >
> Well if he does retire and phinish in that order, then
> I hope he comes back to UCI to do it.    That Adam
> guy too (not the movie producer).   This town's just
> too boring without them.   Last we left off, we had the
> current dissertation as [0].

Well, he and Adam are welcome to come phinish up at Santa Cruz as well,
although circumventing that Master's coursework requirement would be tricky,
but probably not insurmountable. If we had Larry as an external committee
member, then two of the four signatures would be FoRK :-)

Personally, I'm interested in seeing how many ways Rohit would sell the
content in his dissertation. He could package it up as one or more 4K
reports, then recycle that as multiple Internet Computing columns, and then,
of course, there is the potential of writing the academic journal article,
for archival purposes. The sum total he would earn would just about equal
his gasoline bill for angst-motivated driving during the writing process.

- Jim