Usability and Software Fitness

Dave Long
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 12:12:34 -0700

> The worth of it comes from its USE and its USERS

preahcing to the choir, brtoher tom.

"Re: Advertising is the alternative to copyright" 
"unfinished thoughts - BG, consumer/advertising/?" 

I'm still wondering about the following:
> After producing the media, all parties are
> better off than they were before.  However,
> for traditional goods, such an arrangement
> may lead to "underproduction".  Does it do
> so for information goods?

(production for information goods being more
a matter of quality than quantity)


GKC reportedly sez:
> Making the landlord and the tenant the same person has certain
> advantages, as that the tenant pays no rent, while the landlord does
> a little work.

Democracy might be regarded as another
application of this philosophy, if it
manages to resolve the tensions in the
prisoners' dilemma of government and
governed by making the two equivalent.


somewhat related:
Bertrand Russell, "In Praise of Idleness"
in which R wonders if "underproduction"
is only relative to overproduction and
considers laboring capitalists.

and nearly entirely unrelated:
Galvin Chow, "I am Jack's younger self"
in which the Secret Connections between
"Fight Club" and "Calvin and Hobbes"
are revealed.