Seeking old bits about a game

Paul Prescod
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 12:50:18 -0700

Clay Shirky wrote:
> What was that game where the rules included instructions for allowing
> the players to change the rules as the game progressed?
> Googling the obvious terms she no is working for me.

At Waterloo we played a card game of that sort called Mao.

"The main feature of Mao which distinguishes it from many of its
predecessors is that there is a rule against explaining or asking about
the rules. New players are expected to join a game and deduce the rules
of play by observation, trial and error. 

This ban on explaining the rules makes it rather awkward to produce a
useful web page about Mao without violating its key principle, but that
has not stopped several people from trying."

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