Contract referral: PHD with DSL, Internet, ISP, bandwith, networking

Stephen D. Williams
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 12:46:42 -0400

Related to the recent discussion of PHD's, I have a lead on a contract 
to be an expert in support of a class action lawsuit.  Apparently 
involving a significant number of hours analyzing contracts, 
documentation, technical architecture, etc.

I happen to be looking for consulting/contracting work now, but the 
attorneys in this case want someone with an advanced degree to prevent 
jury confidence problems in an cross-examination situation...  Whatever.

So if one of you PHD's (or other 'advanced degrees') is interested, 
email me and I'll put you in contact.

This kind of consulting should pay pretty well, which would be good in 
this market if you are looking.

Stephen D. Williams
43392 Wayside Cir,Ashburn,VA 20147-4622 703-724-0118W 703-995-0407Fax