Book contract question

Max Dunn
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 15:36:21 -0700

Join the Authors Guild, they give excellent advice, they will review a
contract if you join.  They also have advice/information on their site:

The advance looks low, the percentage sounds typical of a generic
initial offer, but that isn't enough info: What does "net" mean? Who
owns the copyright? What about electronic rights? Subsequent editions?
What happens when it goes out of print?  All that... I think you should
have someoene who knows this stuff review a draft contract.


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Everyone on the list:

I've got an offer to author a book and, frankly, I know very little
what's fair and what's unfair... I've never written a book, just some
articles, IEEE stuff, etc.  Here are the terms of the contract.  Can you
guys tell me what you think?

--13% royalties (based on global net receipts)
--an advance of $5000, 50% paid upon acceptance of manuscript, 50% upon
--publisher will pay for your index

The book is about 900 pages and is on a software engineering topic.

Thanks in advance.