[Fwd: A modest question: Should we abolish the PhD degree?]

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 16:17:45 -0700

Abolishing PhD degrees is like abolishing child abuse; nothing will happen
until you break the cycle. The great .com boom was the best society could
throw at it.  Hasn't worked yet.  


> Schooled for Success 
> by Michael Schrage 
> 8:59 a.m. Mar. 4, 1997 PST 
> So what do Netscape, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, Spyglass, RSA, Yahoo!, Firefly Network, Art Technology Group, and
> even Inktomi - whose technology drives HotBot - have in common? 
> Well, yes, they are all successful Internet-related companies or products. But for the purposes of this column, that's not
> what makes them so intriguing. Each of these companies is - unashamedly and unambiguously - a direct spinoff from the
> groves of academe. At the core of each of these ventures is a great idea and human capital spawned directly from
> academic - not business - experience. 

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