Book contract question

Wed, 29 Aug 2001 21:38:35 -0400

Reza B'Far wrote:
>Everyone on the list:
>I've got an offer to author a book and, frankly, I know very little about
>what's fair and what's unfair... I've never written a book, just some
>articles, IEEE stuff, etc.  Here are the terms of the contract.  Can you
>guys tell me what you think?
>--13% royalties (based on global net receipts)
>--an advance of $5000, 50% paid upon acceptance of manuscript, 50% upon
>--publisher will pay for your index
>The book is about 900 pages and is on a software engineering topic.
>Thanks in advance.

Hi Reza,
I asked someone who has some experience and he said, to quote:

"1. 900 Pages (6 months) for $5000, if they like it? $0 if they don't? Only 
if you are $-deperate, need to launch a writing career, have a half year 
free time, or are ego ridden.

I wouldn't consider it.

Also: 13% of net is about 5% of retail which SUCKS!!!

Who is the whore monger offering such a pittance?"