Book contract question

Wed, 29 Aug 2001 22:06:36 -0400

Reza B'Far wrote:
>Wow... Good input...
>I have no clue about these things... I like money, but not desparate for it
>:-)  I wasn't really looking at making a good hourly wage off the book ...
>Can do a LOT better than that with side gigs, etc.

>I was thinking it would be a good thing for recognition, etc. (higher
>numbers for the next job)....

well, I came into IT/IS from the world of academia (and in a rather 
different field).  (aside re: the diss thing--I say: Just kill the diss and 
get it over with. I agree with Jim Whitehead about what the PostHoleDigger 
is for.) Anyway, for academics, most of our writing in academia--what I'm 
familiar with anyway--is about obtaining credentials for a CV. The question 
of making money rarely enters into it for most of the people I 
know--although I do know people who have fortuitously ended up making a 
decent income because they've managed to publish a book or two that ends up 
going beyond the academic/university publisher model.

So, I can see why you might want to do it for recognition and credentials 
that might make you more competitive. Besides, I just loved handing my 
mother something I'd written with my name on the cover so she could flip 
through it and I could watch her eyes glaze over. :)  Made me so proud.

>BUT, it's good to know this is too low...

You could use the info to negotiate a better deal, I think. I'd ask them 
for  some money up front, especially if you think that the book is likely 
to sell.

>Any one else have experience with this stuff...?

I can ask more folks, but they're not generally in IT fields, so I don't 
know how much help their advice would be. If you don't get feedback, let me 
know and I'll ask them anyway.

>PS:  "I'm a whore, but not a cheap whore" :-) Just kidding...

heh. whoops. I guess he didn't mean it to reflect badly on you, just the