FW: UWB funding opportunity; new program at DARPA...

Rohit Khare Rohit@KnowNow.com
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I don't mean to keep fwding things from IP, but this is another minor
landmark. Eventually, UWB + event routing + decentralized trust namespaces
will transform life for billions of people. 


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>>FCC Notice of Inquiry / Ultra-Wideband Working Group mailing list
>>   Mari Maeda, in the Electronics Technology Office at DARPA, has just

>> recently released information on a new program at DARPA: Networking
>> the Extreme (NETEX).  The announcement below (and its links)
describes a 
>> large, new program specifically focusing on Ultra-Wideband.
>>   This could be a great opportunity for those interested in
>> UWB technology -- and getting funding for doing it.  It looks like it

>> emphasizes UWB communications, networking and localization, chip 
>> development, and sensors.
>>   Check out the links, and maybe start a discussion on this
>>--Bob Fleming
>>   Aether Wire & Location, Inc.
>>   bob@aetherwire.com
>>>The Information Technology Office (ITO) of the Defense Advanced
>>>Projects Agency (DARPA) is launching a new research initiative:
>>>in the Extreme (NETEX).  The program focuses on robust wireless
>>>technologies that enable widespread deployment of  sensors as well as
>>>types of distributed systems in a complex, harsh environment.  The
>>>emphasis will be on networking based on ultrawideband (UWB) radios -
as an
>>>alternative or a complement to networks using narrowband RF physical
>>>Applications demonstrations such as distributed ground sensors and
>>>precision-geolocation will be explored.
>>>An informational and team-building meeting will be held on September
>>>2001 in McLean, Virginia.  Attendance is optional, but is strongly
>>>recommended for all potential bidders and future participants of the
>>>NETEX program and solicitation information:
>>>Meeting information:
>>>Judith Hase Judd
>>>Business Financial Mngr for M. Maeda/NGI Program
>>>voice:  703-522-5123
>>>fax:  703-522-0367

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