Human Markup Language

Sateesh Narahari
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 08:35:11 -0600

I thought humanML was a joke, but looks like these folks seem serious.

I think we need more MLs, like LivingML, AskingForaRaiseML, 
BuyingBreakfastML, DinnerTalkML etc...etc...

Seriously though, I get a feeling that XML is being stretched too far with 
these new  attempts to capture human characteristics as XML.


>From: Johan Hjelm <>
>Subject: Human Markup Language
>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 18:44:10 +0900
>Boston, MA, USA; 21 August 2001 -- OASIS, the XML interoperability
>consortium, today announced its members have formed the OASIS
>HumanMarkup Technical Committee (TC) to develop and promote a
>specification for conveying human characteristics through XML. The Human
>Markup Language (HumanML) will embed contextual human characteristics
>(cultural, social, kinesic, psychological and intentional features)
>within information. Applications include artificial intelligence,
>virtual reality, conflict resolution, psychotherapy, art, workflow,
>advertising, cultural dialogue, agent systems, diplomacy and business
>   Johan Hjelm, Senior Specialist
>      Ericsson Research Japan
>   Read more about my recent book
><< johan.hjelm.vcf >>

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