Wierd interview.

Karl Anderson kra@monkey.org
30 Nov 2001 15:59:33 -0800

"Adam L. Beberg" <beberg@mithral.com> writes:

> So anyway, doing an interview, standard thing, meet 4 people total etc...
> Normal up until we started talking...
> The company is basicly one big distributed database, but databases,
> distributed systems, performance methods, nor networking were ever mentioned
> once.
> They wouldn't tell me anything about what I would be doing.
> The interviewers wouldnt tell me what they did at the company, only projects
> they did years ago.

Call up your local FBI office immediately and report them.  They're
obviously a foreign terror cell ("one big distributed database",
yup).  Did you see any H1-B types there, if you know what I mean?

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Note: I'm being satirical, fraudulent calls to law enforcement are
illegal, racial profiling is stupid.  Disclaiming your satire like
this is also stupid because it wrecks the joke, but similar opinions
sadly seem pretty normal these days, so I think I should.